Deep Learning 3D Vision for Industrial Robots Is Finally Here!

Kinema Systems will be announcing the world’s first Deep-learning 3D Vision system for Industrial Robots at Automate 2017 in Chicago (April 3-6, 2017). Designed for depalletization of multi-SKU, single SKU and random pallets, Kinema Pick integrates the KS1000, a high resolution 3D/2D sensor with Deep-learning, 3D Vision and Motion Planning and requires minimal training for any type of box or workcell. Watch the teaser below for a glimpse of what we’ll be announcing at Automate 2017. We’ll be announcing more details on April 3, 2017!!

Kinema Systems is a robotics startup in the Silicon Valley building advanced robotic manipulation applications. Kinema’s founders are veterans of Willow Garage and SRI who created some of the most popular open-source software for robotics including MoveIt!, ROS-Control and Rviz, now used by hundreds of companies, researchers and universities around the world on robots ranging from industrial automation systems to humanoids. Kinema’s long-term vision is to build easy to use software solutions for advanced robotic manipulation applications in industry and beyond.