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Automate 2017 – Introducing the all new Kinema Pick

Just in time for Automate 2017, we are proud to announce the all new Kinema Pick, the world’s first Deep Learning 3D Vision system for depalletizing. Kinema Pick integrates the KS1000, a high-resolution 3D/2D sensor with deep-learning and 3D Vision to find and locate boxes on complex pallets. Kinema Pick’s advanced motion planning brings self-driving…Read More

Deep Learning 3D Vision for Industrial Robots Is Finally Here!

Kinema Systems will be announcing the world’s first Deep-learning 3D Vision system for Industrial Robots at Automate 2017 in Chicago (April 3-6, 2017). Designed for depalletization of multi-SKU, single SKU and random pallets, Kinema Pick integrates the KS1000, a high resolution 3D/2D sensor with Deep-learning, 3D Vision and Motion Planning and requires minimal training for…Read More

Announcing Kinema Pick

Kinema Systems is proud to announce our first product – Kinema Pick – the world’s first self-training, self-calibrating software solution for robotic depalletizing. Kinema Pick enables fully automated depalletization of multi-SKU, single-SKU and random pallets of boxes. Kinema Pick is self-training, i.e. it requires no manual training for the type of boxes to be picked…Read More